Application Of Electric Sweeper 2018-04-28 17:01:12
The electric sweeper is a ground cleaning equipment driven by electric energy. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and small pollution. It is suitable for cleaning the places with high environmental requirements. The electric sweeper is divided into two categories, hand push electric sweeper and driving type electric sweeper, and the driving type electric sweeper is divided into small electric sweeper and large fully enclosed sweeper.

The hand push electric sweeper is specially suitable for the use of the villa, workshop, park, pavement, warehouse, residential property, school, hospital and other places, without the dust and noise in the cleaning. It can be flexible in the crowd, light structure, easy to carry out, and the maintenance is simple.

The small electric sweeper has the advantages of no noise and no exhaust emission, and the sweeping width is selected according to the demand. The ride on automatic sweeping machine is mainly used for outdoor and indoor cleaning, such as park, sanitation, company, property management company, square, college, district, underground parking lot and so on. With the international advanced cleaning and dumping technology, the theoretical value of the utilization ratio of the dust box can reach 100%. The electric sweeper adopts advanced high performance maintenance free battery, no leakage of liquid and no harmful gas.

The large and full closed sweeper has lower requirements for the working environment, no matter the cold weather or rain or snow, it does not affect the normal work of the completely closed sweeper. Full load design, the mechanical performance, the integrity of the vehicle, the small turning radius, make the sweeper work in a very small space. It’s cleaning range is wider; leather seat, vibration damping design, reducing vehicle bumps in the course of driving, belt design, mechanical park, the thicken hub makes the service life longer, using the European and American electronic control system design, over load limiting protection, effective protect the whole vehicle line system. It is mainly suitable for outdoor cleaning, such as garden, airport runway, highway.

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