Hotel And Shopping Mall Cleaning Problems 2018-06-15 17:30:15
Hotel Cleaning Problems
1.Hotel cleaning requires a lot of manpower, labor costs are rising year by year.
2. When cleaning, you need to use detergent, which will seriously affect the air quality of the hotel.
3. Rain, snow and other weather, customer access is easy to leave silt, water stains on the hotel floor, the ground is moist, customers easily slip.
4. After cleaning, the water stains on the ground are hard to dry for a short time. The residual water stains can easily cause customers to fall down and easily trip up.

The hotel lobby can use driving scrubber to clean water stains, shoe prints and silt on the ground. If the ground pollution is very serious, professional cleaners can be used to clean up. The hotel corridor and dining area can be cleaned with a hand push floor scrubber, because flexible and small equipment is more suitable for the larger flow field.

Shopping Mall Cleaning Problems
1. Commercial establishments have higher environmental requirements, and traditional manual cleaning is difficult to meet the required standards.
2. Manual cleaning will disturb other people's normal work.
3. The cleaning time is longer and it is difficult to clean thoroughly.
4. Manual cleaning is expensive and professional cleaning workers are hard to recruit.

Some larger area can be cleaned by driving sweeper or floor washing machine. The smaller area can be cleaned by hand push floor washing machine. The two kinds of equipment all have the functions of dust absorption and sweeping, and one machine can complete most of the cleaning tasks, not only improve the efficiency of work, but also improve the cleaning effect.

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