How Remove Factory Workshop Dust? 2018-05-14 08:59:28
For many factories, it's not a big problem, because many factories have started to use sweeper, hand push sweeper, driving cleaning machine, automatic sweeping machine, and so on in many industries, then we will see how the factory sweeps work.

Characteristics of manual sweeper cleaning plant:
1. The hand sweeping sweeper can be mainly divided into two types, one is the hand push type electric sweeping machine, the other is the hand push type unpowered sweeper. The clean area and cleaning effect of the hand push sweeper are much smaller than that of the driving type. Therefore, the hand sweep machine can be used in a small area of factory.
2. The front end of the hand push machine is equipped with two swirling brushes. When the sweeper walks forward, the brush will bring the garbage and sand to the middle of the hand push sweeper, use the middle suction or the roller brush to collect the garbage to dustbin.

Driving sweeper characteristics:
1. The working principle of driving type is similar to manual type. It mainly includes the side brush, the main brush, the garbage storage box, the filter and so on, to complete the work of cleaning the dust in the factory workshop.
2. The garbage collection box of is close to the main brush position of the machine, so that the large amount of debris and stolen goods produced by the factory can be collected directly and effectively, with a powerful suction system and a high power suction fan, which can fully absorb dust into the garbage collection box.

3. The suction system in the front of the machine can produce a strong suction force, and then filter the dust through filter system in order to prevent exhaust gas from causing two pollution and affecting the health of the operator.

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